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"Here is information that you can profit from. A diamond of a business tool."

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Puts Professional Marketing secrets into your hands.

Skills that usually cost thousands to learn.

Free blueprints for you to copy.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Do you want to make your business fly? To compete and win against the big corporations that are muscling in on your territory? If you do, you need to know inside out what resources you have. What strengths you can call on and then have a plan as to how you will use them.

You can bet your last penny that every "big business" has a strategic blueprint. One that they are tirelessly working to and constantly revising. Wouldn't you like one of your own?

Sadly, I read recently, that many small or medium size companies don't have a Marketing Plan of any sort at all ! This means they are seriously missing out on competing more effectively with the big companies in their market. Those big enterprises that will take away the business by default, if SMEs don't compete effectively.

A Map to Profits

You see a Marketing plan is like having a map to profits. I ask you, could you believe that a company like B. P. or perhaps Virgin, or just about any big successful firm, would not have one?

Bit of a daft question, really. Of course they do!

So just because we operate in the small or medium size enterprise sector (SME) why should we do without? Is it costs? Is it lack of knowledge? Well now these obstacles are gone with what I am offering you here!

A Blueprint for business success

Some SME entrepreneurs, think it is best to keep their strategy under their hats. Ask them if they have a marketing plan and they will tap the side of their heads and claim that "its all all up here".

That may be fine and dandy, until they need to show someone else their blueprint for the business. Perhaps it is to convince the bank manager that their borrowing facilities should be renewed when that annual overdraft comes up for his scrutiny. Or maybe you want to expand and the only way to do it is to get your business partners or fellow investors behind the plan.

Less stress

From my experience of running a small business, these events almost always occur when you are in a hurry - or other things are making pressing calls on your time.

Its a Friday and you've just had a phone call that reveals a prospect of a big order, but you have to do some extra work to land this particular customer. They want quotes for everything and they need it all as soon as you can. You know that if you pull out the stops  you can beat the competition to it, but the bank manager's meeting is already scheduled for Monday morning! There goes your weekend.

Under this pressure its only reasonable that any small or medium sized business will find it hard to bring out the information in a form that someone else can see and understand. Who needs the stress?

Help from a Marketing professional and small business owner

Well if this sounds familiar and you want the help from a marketing professional, who also happens to be a small business owner then this is an offer you really shouldn't let pass.

I do business on the Internet, as well as having a bricks and mortar retail outlet - we used to just call that a shop!

Interior of Jersey ShopClassics and History books section.

Amongst other things, I work in bookselling; a hugely competitive environment. In my town we have two branches of Waterstones and one WHSmiths and yet we survive in our niche. We do so by marketing ourselves differently from them, while also planning a diversification strategy for our business.

Have you been put off getting help by the cost?

Perhaps you have been dissuaded from having a Marketing plan because of the cost of using a Marketing Agency? I can sympathise. How many days do you think it will it take them to do an audit and draw up the plan? They can't know your business inside out in the way that you do, so its bound to take them time.

I know how difficult it is to justify spending hard earned cash and so I too would just put off getting this helpful instrument for my business... that is if I didn't already have the professional marketing knowledge to write such a plan with all the right sections and the marketing models in place.

Extraordinary value

Trading conditions may not be very good for you currently. The purse is being held tightly closed. But not bothering with a Marketing Plan is probably a false economy. Its extraordinary value is in showing you where your business is now and enabling you to map out where you go from there. It really is an essential tool in today's competitive environment and my offer will cost you so very little.

Attract investors

Maybe you are trying to attract new investors into your business. Well think how much easier it would be to convince them, to put their money into your dream, if you have a plan laid out in a neat, professional and systematic form.


Are you studying for a Marketing Qualification?

Perhaps I've made an assumption, here, that you run your own company. Maybe you are a marketing student and are looking for a helpful template for your assignment answer?

Been there, got the T-shirt

Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Well, I've also been a marketing student. So which ever you are, business person or student, I can identify with your problems. I have a degree in Business Studies with a Marketing specialisation and I have been a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing for many years. In fact I became a full member of the CIM back in 1989.


Up to date knowledge

I know what some of you may be thinking. Perhaps this means my marketing knowledge is not up to date? No, sorry, not true!Professional Diploma in Marketing

Apart from the experience that I have from running a small business since 1988 to the present day, I have also been back to refresh my qualifications.

Recently, so that I could write these reports and make them appropriate for today's CIM student as well as business men and women, I studied for and obtained the CIM’s "Professional Diploma in Marketing". This qualification was awarded to me in 2005.

What I am offering you is current Marketing Professional practice.

Kindest regards,

Nicholas Thorne M.C.I.M.

P. S. This Marketing Plan follows the format taught to students of the Chartered Institute of Marketing's "Professional Diploma in Marketing". The course suggests that all organisations should have a Marketing Plan. I'm offering you the theory, made simple, the models to include and  two FREE to copy examples, plus a FREE template to use on your own business.

P.P.S. The first FREE example is for a traditional retail business expanding its website selling on the internet. The bonus example is a Marketing Plan for a £1600 per month, per product, Information Product business!

P.P.P.S. It cost me thousands to go on courses to learn the marketing professionals tools and theory. With my help, and for very reasonable costs, I can help you use them to benefit your business right now.

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How much does a marketing plan cost these days? £4000, £6000?   Not if you read on, it won't?

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I'll show you how to write a

Marketing Plan.

I'll give you the Marketing Theory and models so that you can drop them right into your own Plan.

A template, that once customised with your data, will impress your investors or the bank manager.

I'm including two Copyright-free cut and paste example Marketing Model Plans for you to use and also a FREE template!

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I'd really like to send you this package with models and theory included. It would probably cost you a great deal more than I am asking if I worked for a Marketing Agency. But then, as a SME businessman myself, I know that we all need to watch the bottom line and so I am keeping costs to the minimum for you. Now if it also helps you to see more clearly where your business is heading, then I hope you would agree with me that its value is much much more than what I am asking for it?

A Marketing Plan for your own business

Would you like to be shown how to custom build your own marketing plan? You will see that it is really quite easy to do if you are given the knowledge. You probably know your business better than any one else, but you will be amazed how putting the information down into a concise accepted format makes it all seem clearer. Armed with this you can then take on the business world afresh.

Perhaps you already have a marketing plan? But when was it last revised? Do you know if it is fit for the purpose? In the dog eat dog competitive world we do business in today it is essential that you don't skip having such a useful tool.

Where are you going?

Here's a little analogy for you. If you were setting out on an expedition to the jungle, would you not make sure that you had planned every detail about the logistics of getting to your chosen destination? Worked out the costs of getting there and back safely and established a budget? I bet you would have done some research on what you might come up against on the road? Probably invested in the right equipment and purchased a map of the country? Of course you would!

So why, when running a small or medium sized business, do some expedition leaders (management and owners) rely on what is only in their head?

I would guess it probably all boils down to time and money. None of us running our own business seems to have enough of either.

Save hundreds on agency costs

Well what if I offered you a way of saving the expense of outsourcing the marketing plan to an agency? That would save you hundreds of pounds a day!

How would you like my professional skills for little cost to you?

How about me giving you all the necessary section headings that you need to write a professional looking marketing plan? You can fill in the blanks or use the example plan and cut and paste with your own data.

Backing this up, I will let you have insight into the academic knowledge that is behind the various sections. You can drop into your own plan the marketing models and theory that I give you free. Believe me, it will give your finished document massive credence to the reader.

The package I am offering you here comes with a pdf Ebook that shows you the reasoning behind each section and includes current Marketing Theory and Marketing Models that are taught to Professional Diploma in Marketing students studying for the CIM course.

A course, incidentally, that costs between £1500-£3000 depending on where you study it - and if you have the time is well worth doing, trust me!

Screen shot of the Marketing Audit from "Marketing Plan to Copy" pdf by Nicholas Thorne.

Low resolution screen shot of just one piece of theory included in the report.

Free sample Marketing Plan

I will also save you a great deal of time by giving you free, with the report, a sample marketing plan for a small retailer that comes copyright-free so that you can cut & paste it to your hearts content, if you so want.

And I'll include another for an Internet Marketing, Information Product business as a free bonus.

A Free 'Word document' template

If you don't want to use either of the two free plans I mentioned above then that's fine by me. I have something else for you in the package!

How about I also give you free the 'word document' template used for the above marketing plans that has all the section headings set out for you to drop your own details into?

All you have to do is drag those details out of your head, or where ever you store them and in no time you have a professional looking Marketing Plan that will impress your audience.

I even make it easier for you to do this as each section has coloured text notes on what to include under each heading that you simply highlight and replace.

10 Steps

You get a detailed ten step-by-step guide to what to include in your plan:

1)Executive Summary.

2)Current market conditions.

3)SWOT analysis.

4)Positioning Strategy


6)Key messages.

7)The Marketing Mix.

8)Marketing Budget.



Remember, not only do you get two actual small business Marketing Plan, plus a Marketing Plan template, but also a more in depth pdf report that will take you through the steps that a successful business would follow.

With this report you will understand some of the theory behind each section that you will be including in your own Marketing Plan.

So what does this package do?

It puts the Professional Marketing secrets that I have learnt on marketing courses into your hands. The kind of skills that the marketing departments of big business are already using to plan their profits and where to target their resources next.

It will show you just how to write a plan to get you to the earnings that you desire. It will give you two actual plans that you can cut and paste with your own data if you want.

There is also included a blank template with guidance notes, if you prefer to create your marketing plan that way.

Just to reiterate; it will show you some of the tools and theory that the CIM, one of the world’s most prestigious marketing professional bodies, believes that their members studying for the Professional Diploma in Marketing should know how to use.

It is not meant to replace a properly structured course from a CIM accredited training centre, but if you haven't got the time, or money, to take the course then this is a short cut to accessing a valuable management tool at a really reasonable price.

Just follow my report and with ease you should be able to produce a professional looking Marketing Plan, to include Marketing Models and tools.

All this is yours not for the £100's a day, if someone else were to draw it up for you. Not even for £50, but for a short time only I am offering it to you for: £27 as a download, so no waiting for the post to arrive.

Incidentally, if you want to buy it on a CD and have me post it to you then select the "POST ME A COPY" option.

It really is a no brainer. for just £27 you get:

  • A professional's step-by-step guide explaining the theory behind what goes into your plan.
  • An actual Marketing Plan for you to copy and cut-&-paste into it your own details.
  • A FREE Marketing Plan Template and all the theory and models to ensure you end up with your very own professional looking personal Marketing Plan.
  • A bonus Information Product business Marketing Plan.

As a special offer I have also doubled the 30-day full money back promise to 60 days. You can download the plan, look at my detailed report and the two worked examples and if you don't think your business would be better off using the steps I show you, then just contact me for a refund. No questions asked.

Your 60-day full money-back promise Of course, I only want you to pay the £27 if you’re entirely happy with this exclusive report.

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